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My favorite episodes of Bourdain’s "Parts Unknown"

Here are my choices for the best 12 episodes of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown":

Detroit (S2E9). Perhaps the most poignant, this episode so intensely dwells in the undergrowth—and all therein and in between—that burst following the city’s collapse. It is seeing Detroit so distantly even from within. While gazing at a skyline of abandoned skyscrapers and feasting on homecooked cuisine, Tony explores the hopes of Detroiters.Quebec (S1E4). I think this is one of the two most delightful episodes (Lyon being the other). In freezing Quebec, Tony and two of North America’s best chefs go ice fishing on St. Lawrence, cook dinuguang beaver, suck maple syrup on popsicle stick, and play hockey and then eat some more.Tangier (S1E5). I think the Tangier episode is quite autobiographical for Tony—and I have a feeling that this was among his favorites. Beat Geneneration figure W.S. Burroughs is heavily referenced here, an aspect which sharply allows the requisite darkness of the episode. T…

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