New place

Last Friday, Abby, Jerich, and I moved in to our new place in Mandaluyong. It's a very convenient urban abode. We're on the 7th floor, which provides for us a really good ventilation. The unit has 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen, a living room, 2 toilet-bathrooms, and a laundry area.

We haven't got fixtures yet since we are still deliberating about the motif. Here are some of the pictures:

The stairs lead to our rooms.

This is the living room area. We shall be getting furnishings soon. For now, we have a very cheap imitation of a persian carpet I bought for Php250 in Tutuban.

This is our small kitchen. Nothing's in it right now, but Abby has plans.

My bed for now. We're all sleeping in the sala downstairs. It's been a wine-ful weekend. Next week things might be in their better places.

Books and wine bottles.

Some of the books I've left here in Manila. Most of which are poetry and fiction books.

Abby brought some real food and few bottles of a not-so-inexpensive wine for a kind of housewarming. I consumed one bottle on Saturday evening and was really drunk. That's why I emailed my Vox Bikol column very late. Sorry, Erick. See, there are still three bottles left.

This is my bedroom window upstairs. It has a rather narrow and limited view of Mandaluyong and Makati skylines.

There's peace somehow in this new place. Perhaps, it could be the cool wind entering our windows and making loose doors tremble. It could also be with the quiet neighbors, mostly out during daytime. It could be what Bayani Fernando calls urbanidad: the security guards, the clubhouse, the pool, and the attitude. Whatever it is, I know many new things will start here. Perhaps, another book, another world view, or another life.

Dágos kamó. Come.


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