5th Premio Tomas Arejola

Contest rules for the Ika-5 Premio Tomás Aréjola para sa Literaturang Bikolnon (PTALB) are out. The rules are available in the news section of Balangibog: Online Updates on Bikol Culture. You may access it directly HERE.


Uy, "no one saw this"? And then ngayon lang ako? Great propositions! The only choir I know which had this "preferencial focus" on Bikol music was Mrs. Raquid's Albay Normal School choir (I dont' remember how they called it) back in the 60s, when I was a grader and my sister Rose (taking up Education) was a member. I remember they had a whole repertoire of Bikol songs that began with "Ano Daw...," "Si Nanay, Si Tatay" etc. And they won prizes, travelled all over, a la Bayanihan, and they weren't screaming, if I recall right. But they're long gone, nothing in the present Bicol University resembles them. Perhaps the Ateneo Choir can take their place?
Makuapo said…
Yeah, Manoy, we're working it out for the Ateneo Choir to be focused on Bikol. It's in the group's mission statement, and we're starting it now.

Joseph Reburiano, the conductor, is related to Mrs. Raquid. Observe the "R" of their last names, hahaha, Oasnons, they all are.

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