Vestiges of progress

“FENCE repainting project by Congressman Dato Arroyo.”
“Iskolar ni Dato.”
“School building: construction courtesy of Congressman Dato.”
“Amigo Foundation of Congressman Dato.”
“School building: a project of (former) Congressman Nonoy Andaya.”
“Covered court construction (a project of (former) Congressman Nonoy Andaya).”
“Strong Republic/Matatag na Republika (with a large photograph of Gloria Arroyo.)”
“Proyekto ni Pangulong Gloria (Road widening project).”
“Proyekto ni Pangulong Gloria (Road construction project).”
“LRV Multi-purpose Hall.”
“LRV Barangay Hall.”
“Roof repainting project of (former) Gov. Luis R. Villafuerte.”
“Overpass courtesy of (former) Gov. Luis R. Villafuerte.”
Road signs (All! Including ‘road bend,’ ‘T-junction,’ ‘dangerous curves,’ ‘slippery when wet,’ ‘no yield,’ ‘no overtaking,’ ’10, 15, 20-ton capacity bridges,’ ‘school zone,’ ‘no left turn,’ ‘loading and unloading area,’ etc.) with text ‘Cong. Luis R. Villafuerte (LRV)’ on a green panel underneath the sign.
“Bong Bell (from Bong Villafuerte).” Whew.
“Villa del Rey.”
“CamSur Watersports Complex a project of Governor Lray Villafuerte.”
“Chicken Dispersal Livelihood Program, Gov. Lray Villafuerte.”
“Bicol Arts Festival (tarpaulin poster with a large photograph of Mayor Jesse Robredo).”
“Bantay Kataid o Bankat ni Councilor John Bongat.”
“Maogmang Pasko asin Manigong Bagong Taon hale sa saindong amigo Cong. Dato Arroyo.”
“Happy graduation from Cong. Dato.”
“Amigo ko si Dato” printed at the back of t-shirts.
Waiting sheds with support posts shaped in the politician-donor’s initials.
Monobloc chairs, Trophies, medals, basketballs, water pumps, sport jerseys, etc. courtesy of Congressman, Governor, Mayor, Councilor, Barangay Chair, SK Chair, etc.
These are where our taxes go.
Note: These are actual signs posted around as labels for certain government projects. The number of labels is even more than the number of projects. This is how progress comes to us.


In Quezon City, there are even more bizarre project labels, such as:
“Kasúso Foundation by Councilor Bong Suntay.”
Tolda para sa mga patay courtesy of Congresswoman Nanette Castelo Daza, Mayor Sonny Belmonte, etc.
Councilor Janet Malaya’s name is stretched on public fences for some obscure reasons.


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